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We operate where everything happens

Drawing from extensive experience developed over the years in the daily operations of dealerships, we have crafted unique consulting and training methods.

Rather than simply comparing numbers and judging indicators, we analyze your unique reality and implement tailored, more effective, and sustainable improvements at both the operational and strategic levels.

We create value for your brand's customers

We understand that results stem from a process rooted in the company's purpose, which in turn arises to solve a problem that the customer cannot or does not want to solve alone.


While company leadership typically understands this concept, it's common for most team members to not relate their daily responsibilities to the reason the company exists: creating value for the customer.


This lack of alignment causes conflicts between departments, roles, and tasks, which immediately impacts the customer and consequently the results. Therefore, our starting point is to understand, together with your leadership, what value means for your brand's customers, why they seek your products and services, and how to deliver them efficiently.

Lean Leadership

The Lean Management training program, available both online and on-site, focuses on incorporating Lean Management principles, strategies, and tools into daily management practices.


Ideal for business owners and all members of the management team.

The Lean Dealers Game
Liderança Lean

Your team will have the opportunity to become familiar with the central principles and techniques of Lean Philosophy during a two-day workshop as part of The Lean Dealers Game.


They will then be able to put these practices into use in their day-to-day work.


The game replicates real operational issues and offers opportunities to explore potential solutions.

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