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Online & On-Site Lean Coaching
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Lean Transformation

Together with your entire team, from management to employees, we aim to find more efficient methods of running the operation. Our process is unparalleled as we collaborate with you to examine the current state of the operation and make customised changes for improved outcomes. 

A Lean Transformation represents a fresh approach to operating, rather than simply introducing improvements. It represents the future of dealership management.

Whether you require remote online coaching or on-site visits, we will cater to your specific needs. Contact us now to learn more

Online & On-Site Lean Training
Coaching people to sustain transformation

In response to the high market demand for Lean training in the automotive retail industry, we have created an online program that features multiple modules, practical case studies, and hands-on problem-solving exercises aimed at teaching Lean Thinking and fostering a Lean Culture.

Contact us now to learn more!

Lean Leadership

The Lean Management training program, available both online and on-site, focuses on incorporating Lean Management principles, strategies, and tools into daily management practices.


Ideal for business owners and all members of the management team.

The Lean Dealers Game
Liderança Lean

Your team will have the opportunity to become familiar with the central principles and techniques of Lean Philosophy during a two-day workshop as part of The Lean Dealers Game.


They will then be able to put these practices into use in their day-to-day work.


The game replicates real operational issues and offers opportunities to explore potential solutions.

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