Online & On-Site Lean Coaching
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Lean Transformation

We will work together with your complete team from management to workers to find new leaner ways to run the operation.

Our approach is unique as we teach to observe and analyze the reality of the operation together with you. Based on this we can make tailored changes and achieve more effective and sustainable actions.

A Lean Transformation is not only implementation of improvements but rather a completely new way of running the operation, The Future of running a Dealership!

Depending on your needs we work through online remote coaching or on-site visits. Contact us now to learn more!

Online & On-Site Lean Training
Coaching people to sustain transformation

Given a strong market demand for Lean training focused on the car retail market, we have developed online and on, with several modules, case studies, solving real problems, all focused on training Lean Thinking and creating a Lean Culture.

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Lean Leadership

Online or On-Site Training program focused on Lean Management.


Lean Management philosophy, techniques and tools applied in management daily work. 

Suitable for owners and the entire management team.

The Lean Dealers Game
Liderança Lean

In the participation of The Lean Dealers Game, your team will get to know, in a two-day workshop, the main Lean Philosophy & Tools and apply them in their daily work. 

The games simulates real problems of the operation and studying ways to resolve them.