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We help your dealership in LEAN transformation

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We are LEAN Coaches specialized in retail/dealerships.

Experts with experience across all segments like motorcycles, cars, trucks, construction and heavy machinery.

Lean Dealers can help your operations provide a faster and safer service at a lower cost! 



 Heavy Equipment

Different where it matters!
We Have a Global Footprint

We have customers in4 continents and success cases in 26 countries.

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We coach in your language

We recognise the cultural  differences of each market .


However, what doesn`t change is the need of customers to have his equipment operating with minimal hassle when it requires maintenance or repair.

For that one who needs an efficient process, this is where we work. Tayloring and improving processes to yous customer, culture, and procucts.

We Work With Dealers of Great Brands
What is a Lean Dealer?

Lean in the context of a dealership. Watch it and share it!

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